Get Tickets to Couple's Karaoke! Saturday February 15, 2020 Get Tickets to Couple's Karaoke! Saturday February 15, 2020

Leave It All on the Table Series 3

Hello Again! I have a wonderful event to share with you! This panel is about maintaining a job/career while planning and executing creative endeavors. 

Wednesday, August 28th at 7pm we will sit down with a selection of creatives who all balance creative spaces while working part/full-time positions.

CEO of 2Ls on a Cloud, D'Llisha Davis says that as a full-time teacher until last May 2019, she maneuvered through the difficulties of balance in the creative world. 2Ls on a Cloud, was founded during her college years and had little to no worries (mentally)  about maintaining finances and bills full-time. However, upon graduation she returned to Nashville and began a full-time job and affected the growth of her brand.

CEO Davis believes that "it is important as a creative to execute thorough planning and engage with mentors and other creative in spaces outside of the professional work space." She wants to share how she worked hard enough to gain freedom from a full-time job that wasn't bringing her happiness.

  • Food provided by Chef Big Poppa
  • Treats provided by The Way Cafe
  • Complimentary Drinks provided by Uncle Nearest
  • Goodie bags provided by I Am The List and 2Ls on a Cloud.
  • Attendees will receive the location of the event after registration.

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See You There!


-Olivia McCleary 

@Olivia.TheRose @The.PricelessPrincess