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9 Words That Won't Help You Reach Your Sales Target

As we approach the new year; it's a great time to evaluate whats been working, and what needs improvement. We want to share with some terms with you that you've probably used. The trick is to not use them in sales opportunities if you want to close more deals in the new year! These words should also be avoided when talking to current or potential clients.



The word prospect doesn't have a personal feel. It seems as if the person is a number vs a person or business you would like to join your client family.

What to say instead: Use terms like potential client, future client, or prospective client.



When in sales situations, clients or potential clients will have questions or concerns. There is money on the table! Using the term objection can raise red flags and diminish their concerns.

What to say instead: Use the terms question or concern.



This term can cheapen your price and position. You want to make sure that you are portraying strength and confidence in these situations. 

What to say instead: When discussing dollars, use terms like competitive or fair. 



The term customer has a short term or one-time feel to it. You want the people you work with to feel like more than a one-time customer. 

What to say instead: Use the term client or family. 



If what you're saying is obvious, then should you really be saying it? This is a great way to piss someone off. Even though you might not mean it, it comes off as insulting to their intelligence.

What to say instead: When transitioning, try using words like naturally, of course, or as you know. 


'Best Clients'

People have special connotations attached to the word best. If you don't mean it, it can be seen as phony or showing favoritism to get what you want. 

What to say instead: When speaking to these clients, use words like longest standing, largest, or most-complex.



This has to be one of the most cringe worthy words. Were you not being honest before? If you use this word, please break the habit. 

What to say instead: ...... Just don't ........ DON'T SAY IT! 



Most people that are affluent don't usually feel that way. After all, someone always has more money than them, right? 

What to say instead: Describe them by occupation, mention assets, or use terms like well-off. 



Using this term gives off the wrong impression to people. They usually like to work with people that are in control and not scrambling. 

What to say instead: Use productive or share something you've accomplished. 


Take these words out of your vocab in the new year for better selling. There are definitely more words to avoid, but these stood out as ones that don't work. 



"9 Words You Should Never Say in Sales"

October 9th | Stephen Boswell and Kevin Nichols