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I Am The List Business Spotlight piece?

Each week we publish a new profile of a "Creative", Women owned or Black owned business, called a I Am The List Biz Spotlight. 

To apply, read the FAQs below


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the I Am The List Biz Spotlight piece? A I Am The List Biz Spotlight article is editorial coverage of  black owned or women owned creative businesses. It offers inspiration and education for other business owners who are in similar industries. We love to profile these creative businesses so your peers can learn from you.

What businesses are eligible to apply? Small businesses, Women owned and Black owned businesses with 0 to 50 employees, as well as solo entrepreneurs, are eligible. You be located anywhere in the US. Creative Industries are encouraged to submit. 

Creative industries include but are not limited to: Advertising and marketing, architecture, crafts, Design: product, graphic and fashion design, film, TV, video, radio and photography. It also includes IT, software and computer services, music, performing and visual arts.

 How do you decide which businesses to spotlight? Please fill out the questionnaire on following page. We do an initial screening and then we will contact you either via email or phone to supplement the questionnaire. We choose based on (1) how interesting your answers are, and (2) how useful the information will be to other readers. 

 Is there a fee to get a spotlight? Absolutely not! All spotlights are editorial coverage. We will NEVER ask you to pay for an individual Spotlight.

 How do I submit my business for a Spotlight? It’s super easy. Just click Apply Now.

Can my business sponsor the series? Yes. Sponsorship opportunities are best for larger companies that wish to support the small business community, minority owned businesses or women owned businesses. If your company would like to sponsor the I Am The List Business Spotlight series for a period of time, please contact us here