To provide a lifestyle platform that inspires you to be creative, fashionable and feel empowered. 

I AM THE LIST is a lifestyle brand with a vintage feel and a fresh urban twist! Created by The List Sisters, Taniesha and Stephanie, I AM THE LIST aims to aid others in their quest to become their best selves through fashion and art.

 Headquartered in Nashville, TN, our team hits the ground running every day to provide unique clothing and accessories, wardrobe consulting, creative direction and so much more for our clients! 

 The List Sisters are not only focused on aiding creativity and self expression, we are passionate about teaching and motivating other young women to feel empowered, be business minded and self confident. 

 Bringing you the new, the old, and the bold in fashion and business, we're here to help. In doing so, we ALL make THE LIST!                                     

Taniesha and Stephanie Crump
Founders of I AM THE LIST

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